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In Norway, one group of Christians has been able to define the "truth" about homosexual and Christian life over a long period of time. Earlier they often referred to the "crystal clear words" of the Bible, today terms such as "classical view of marriage" and "classical Christianity" are often used. The fact that only one view has been allowed to dominate for so long means that many believe it is not possible to live in a relationship with Jesus if one wants to share life with one of the same sex. Is it really so "easy" that by referring to the Bible you can be called upon to sit on the truth with the big S?

In many parts of the world, there are theologians, pastors, and pastors who, after long and thorough study, have renounced the "ordinary" interpretation of the Bible that consistently condemns equal opportunities for cohabitation and transgender people to live in freedom. So far, there is little literature in Norwegian to discuss this, but hopefully we here at home will soon follow suit.

Below are some tips on online resources and literature that may be helpful.
(All the content on own resource page «Safe» is not yet translated to English.) 

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In Norway, there is a certain group of Christians who have been the ones defining the "truth" about homosexuality and faith for decades. Because of this many people believe that it is not possible to live in a relationship with Jesus if you want to share your life with a person of the same sex.


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